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Positiiv Gallery, Tallinn
Curated by Kristel Schwede
12 - 30 September 2017 

The photo which became the source of inspiration for Ülle's first solo exhibition, "The View of Vision," was taken in the early spring time during a morning stroll on a narrow walking path between the Patarei fortress (in Põhja-Tallinn) and the sea.  

For the past 10 years, just beside the wall of the nearly two hundred year old fortress, which had served as a defence facility and a prison, persistent young trees have found a place to grow and strive, shaping themselves into a graphic organic art. It was a matter of time and luck to unveil who would be the one to notice the significance of this partly naturally emerged artwork and tie it to their own art project. The bleakness of the transitional season accompanied by the emptiness filled with expectations, further amplified by the cold light of the snow and the unknown fate of the young bare trees along the wall create a tense atmosphere in the photo. 

The pictorial language of the artist, primarily focusing on nature and environmental photography, is sensitive and discreet. By skilfully merging the light conditions of different seasons with photographed objects, she uncovers the spirituality of nature or dramatises the human-made background found in the natural environment.

Ülle Saatmäe's exhibition "The View of Vision" is a dialogue between two different mediums, textiles and photography. The textile installation created to transform the message of the photos allows the viewer to travel along on the artist's visual journey from a two-dimensional photo to a three-dimensional gallery space. 

In addition to synthetic colors, the artist used blueberries, meadowsweet, iron nails and algae to create the textiles of the installation. Ülle Saatmäe captured the process of textile dyeing on photos which were displayed as a carefree, dynamic flock on the gallery wall. The matte paper used for the photos genuinely emphasises the soft nature of the photographed fabric. A flock of pictures is visibly slipping out of the window right before your eyes.

Is the exhibition over? Or has it transitioned into another realm?

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